Northview Stories Dollar Club Video: A Flood of Generosity for New York City Relief

September 29, 2021


Hey, Northview! I'm here in New York City. Now, as most of you know, the East Coast got hit pretty hard by Hurricane Ida. There were a lot of businesses and homes that were ravaged.

One of our ministry partners is New York City Relief, who recently changed their name to City Relief. They also got hit pretty hard. New York City Relief comes alongside the homeless. They come alongside the hurting to support and encourage them, and so we loved being in partnership with this particular ministry.

Their ministry building was hit hard. They had two-foot of standing water in there. They lost their office furniture, they lost electronics. They had 70,000 pair of socks that had been donated to them that were completely destroyed. Overall, they lost about $100,000 in this particular flood.

And, so we want to come alongside them with Dollar Club and help them get back on their feet again. They don't know I'm here, so let's go surprise them.

Josiah of City Relief
Hey, how are you? What a surprise!

How are you?


Hey, we want to help you. We know what you've been through with the flood and how much you've lost. And, so we've got a check for $50,000.

Oh my word! This is amazing. This is awesome. Thank you so much.

Josiah, tell me a little bit about what you guys have been through.

One of the things we pride ourselves on at our outreach is providing dignity to our guests, helping them feel human again, helping them feel seen and acknowledged. And, it's hard when you're dealing with your own crisis, when your base, your operations are completely destroyed, and you're making things work. We've decided that we are not going to allow the struggles that we're dealing with affect the level of care that we offer our guests.

Our soup kettle that we actually use to make the soup, it's a $29,000 piece of equipment completely destroyed. We had to make a decision. Are we going to spend $29,000 to buy a soup kettle? And, today was the day we have to decide "yes or no." The answer is yes, because of what you guys were able to do with, what the Lord was able to do for us. Thank you, Northview for partnering with us, and supporting us, and sending teams. Honestly, we wouldn't be here without our partners. The fact that you guys have rallied around us and given us $50,000 to not only replace our kettle, but also help us rebuild, while we wait to see what God leads us to next, it's a miracle.


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