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Northview Stories Dollar Club Video: Northview Giving Blesses Many

June 19, 2021


Well, hey, guys, we're here at the Anderson campus, and for over a year, we've had a guy named Ryan who's been a part of our campus who comes every single weekend. What's amazing about Ryan is that he's been walking or riding his bike a long distance just to be here with us. And so I know that he's here in the service today. He actually walked to be here. Because of your generosity, we're able to bless Ryan today.

"Come on in. I wanted to connect with you, Ryan, because you've been a part of our church for a while now. I know that you just have fallen on hard times. I know that you have a son. And I know that you're really working hard to try to just get your life and things back together. You know that we have something that we do that's called the Northview Dollar Club. We would like to bless you with a brand new moped that we are getting you just to be able to allow you to get around town, to be able to get here, to be able to get to a job and all of that. We love you, man."

"I really appreciate it. I really do. It's been a challenge. I feel I feel welcome here. I appreciate you guys."

Alyssa Young:
Hey, guys, I am outside of our Kokomo campus, and I'm so excited because today we get to go and bless the McCord family. Jason and Leslie McCord have three beautiful girls, one of whom is named Zoe. Zoe was born with spina bifada. And because of that, it severely impacts what she is able to do and how she's able to play with her sisters. A few weeks ago, Jason posted on Facebook that he was looking for recommendations of ways that they could make their at home playground a place where Zoe can play, too. Some friends from Northview reached out, and today, because of your generosity, we get to support them with the Dollar Club.

"Hello, Northview heard about the GoFundMe that Amy had set up for you guys. And so today, I wanted to give you guys a check for $5,000 to match that GoFundMe, so that we can bless you guys and bless Zoe with the playground of her dreams."

The McCords:
"Thank you so much."

Hey, guys, I'm the Northview online campus pastor and I'm in Bloomington today due to a couple of our members who let me know about Greg, who lost his job, lost his home, everything he had during the pandemic. And he's just trying to get back on his feet. This week he starts a new job and we're going to bless him with a fresh set of clothes, so that he can make a great first impression. So thank you, Northview, for your generosity.

Hey, guys, I'm Beth. And this is my life group, and we are going to go bless Ari and Barry [Schafer], who are part of our life group today. So Barry and Ari both lost their jobs during COVID, but they felt led by God to start a business on their own. But we know that during this difficult time that that can be hard. Ari moved from Brazil to the United States to seek medical assistance for her son, Davi, who has a genetic disorder. So, Northview, because of your generosity. We are going to go bless them today.

"We love you guys so much. And we know that you have had a journey this last year and a half with Davi and work and everything, and we want to give you a check for $5,000 to help with medical expenses and all the rest."


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