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Church isn’t defined by four walls – it’s defined by the people.

With Watch Parties, church can happen anywhere. Meet the new church sanctuary: your living room!


Host FAQ

A Watch Party is a group of people who meet up in-person to experience a Northview Church service together. You can watch anywhere, anytime and with anyone! 

Sign up here  to tell us you’re a Watch Party Host so we can stay connected with you. We’ll periodically provide you with resources, guidance and encouragement. 

We hope you’ll invite people in your networks who don’t currently associate with any church. Watch Parties are aimed to be an outreach opportunity – an easy way to invite your unchurched friends or family. 

This is where you get to be creative! Meet in your living room, your garage, your backyard, by the pool – wherever people will feel comfortable worshiping, listening and taking notes. And snacks are always encouraged! (What’s a party without snacks?!) 

Stream the Worship Service from our website at any time. Gone is the need for groggy Sunday mornings – do church when it’s convenient for you and your group! 

Kids are always invited to be a part of the party! You might consider including the Northview Kids Online Experience content (updated weekly) as part of your Watch Party agenda. 

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