Story - The Choice to Heal

The Choice to Heal

Alisa's Story

After suffering under the violence and rage of an abusive stepdad, Alisa’s family moved and fled to the other side of their town to be safe.

She didn’t really discover how the abuse had affected her until she was an adult.

"I was very angry. I was fearful very often. Of men, of other people...Am I in a safe place? How do I know?...I was desperate to be loved by a man."

When Alisa and her husband had their third child, things started to really fall apart in Alisa’s life, and partying with friends became her relief from the emotional pain that came from conflict. It gave her room to not think about the pain.

Alisa finally realized that something needed to change, but she had no idea what to do.

"I really had no where to go but to the Lord. I said, 'Okay God, you know my way hasn't gotten me any kind of healing that I need, so we'll try it Your way.' I decided to quit drinking."

Since then, the Lord has led her into deeper relationship with Him. And through connection, Bible study, finding safe people, and continuing to pursue healing with God, she found hope.

"If you stick with the process of allowing the Lord to heal you, there is healing. There is hope."

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