Story - Handing Over Control

Handing Over Control

Ashley's Story

As a single mom and salon owner, letting go of control has been the most difficult part of Ashley’s faith journey.

When Ashley went through the struggle of a broken engagement three years ago, she had to surrender to God her desire for dating and companionship.

"Even though it didn't work out, God is behind the scenes of it. You're at your lowest, but He'll bring you out of the ashes."

Ashley started coming to Northview after getting to know a few clients who attended and after seeing the Northview bumper stickers frequently. She immediately felt at home, and one weekend, she felt again the call to give up control when Pastor Steve spoke about tithing. He challenged everyone to try tithing for 90 days.

She knew this was the last thing she needed to give up in order to fully let go and trust Him with everything.

"What God has taught me through the discipline of tithing is that, even at your lowest low or your highest high, He's always going to be there."

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