Story - Growing Through Service

Growing Through Service

Scott's Story

Scott came to Northview not having or understanding a relationship with God. 

However, after attending for a few short weeks, he realized that was exactly what he needed.

"Being new to Christianity, you really don't know what to do next."

As he looked for what to do once he had given his life to Jesus, Scott saw the theme of service being consistently taught through weekend messages. Northview’s acronym “W + 2,” which encourages each person to attend a weekend service, join a group and serve on a team, began to make sense to Scott, and he decided to get involved.

Scott has a passion for teaching kids and felt like that would be a great place for him to start, but he had one fear. He didn’t know any of the stories of the Bible, and he had no idea what or if he would be able to teach.

Watch Scott’s story to see how he discovered how to use his unique gifts for God.


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