Story - A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start

Kylee's Story

Kylee left her home when she joined the military at age 17 and didn’t come back for three years.

When she found out she was pregnant, her life changed drastically. She had to give up her dream of being in the military to take care of her new baby.

"I didn't want to be a new mom. I didn't want to be by myself. I felt so alone. I had no one. I gave up."

After Kylee got married, everything seemed to be going well until they found out unexpectedly that they’d have to leave the house they were living in. Just three days after their third child was born, they moved in with Kylee’s mom who lived two hours away.

Kylee and her husband finally found a house, and were invited to Northview shortly after.

Each week that Kylee came, she heard Pastor Steve asking people to raise their hand to accept Christ, and just had a feeling that she was supposed to respond. For several weeks, she convinced herself that she didn’t need it.

"One Sunday I gave in, and I raised my hand. And the feeling was just extremely overwhelming. I just felt fulfilled and this weight was lifted. And I just sat there and I thought 'I had God, but now I really do.' I could feel it. I knew it."

After accepting Christ, her whole perspective changed.

"As mad as I was and as hurt as I was, He was there helping me the whole way. It might not have been the way I wanted it or the way I thought it would have gone, but He had to have been there."


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