Northview Stories Jake Gilbert's Story: Football and Faith

September 5, 2019


I'm passionate about football and people know that. But my purpose is really to impact others, especially young people. And, football is just been an avenue to do that. So this has been our ministry as a family. How can we use football to honor God and then bring people closer to God, and closer to each other, just like our church.

When you're involved in football, you move a lot. And, part of the adventure is trusting God's plan. And that involves a lot of faith over fear. The biggest adventure for us is letting God steer our lives and bring us to Westfield. And it's been amazing. Every day has been a blessing.

We're just passionate to serve. The Lord has been so good to us that we are just trying to give everything we possibly can back because that's the model that the Lord gave to us. I'm so grateful for what he's done for us. Our best way of ministry is really to serve others. And, our faith is personal, but I don't want it to be private. And, I want people to know that I care about my church. Our church has been amazing for our family and we could never leave this church. And so we want to make sure that we are doing our part so that others feel this experience. At one point in time, we were the people who were welcomed to Northview and it stuck, mainly because of how people treated us. And so we want to volunteer and serve others so that it will stick to them and impact their lives in a positive way. Your life's an adventure and it's so exciting when Jesus Christ is at the forefront.


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