Step 3 | Faith Commitment & Baptism Parent Class

Step 3 | Faith Commitment & Baptism Parent Class (pre-K-4th grade) Prepares parents for both a salvation conversation and a baptism conversation with their child.

What does it mean to be saved? And why do I need to be saved? What is baptism? If your child is asking some of these questions, then this is the right time for YOU to take this in-person class for parents.

This class is an important part of Northview's Family Framework and discusses our biblical understanding of salvation and baptism and provides tools and resources to help you begin a great conversation with your child about these important topics. Please note that this class is a requirement for families with children 4th grade and younger wishing to participate in Northview’s baptism service.

The Faith Commitment & Baptism online class may be taken at any time and is always available for parents to help them learn how to talk with their kids about salvation and baptism. Prior to watching the video, you will want to download the Parent and Student Books. This class is for parents whose children wish to be baptized (4th grade or younger). Please be sure to register for that event when you feel your child is ready.

For more infomation on baptism and to register to be baptized, click here.

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