Life Groups help you connect with others and build community—essential parts of spiritual growth. This page serves as a hub for Life Group leaders. Here you'll find study material, leader resources and ways to get your group plugged in.

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Life Group Manager

The Life Group Manager allows Life Group leaders to manage the attendance and activity of their Life Group. It is a great way to stay organized and up-to-date, as well as connect with the people in your group. Meeting reports help us understand the overall health of each Life Group.

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Additional Resources

RightNow Media is a like a Netflix for Christian curriculum. It is filled with video teaching from some of today's most gifted teachers. There are many great Bible studies on Right Now Media; to browse the content, all you have to do is create an account.

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To view local serving opportunities please go to the Campus page where you attend.  You can view all campuses here.

Identifying and Developing New Leaders

What’s Your Next?

Leaning Into Connection

Developing a Leadership Mindset Part 2

Developing a Leadership Mindset

How to Get a Group Unstuck

What's Your NEXT?

Diving Into Authenticity w/ Steve Hayden

Leading Yourself While Leading Others w/ Steve Carter

Facilitating Healthy Discussions in Groups

Spiritual Growth and Discipleship in Groups

Serving Together in Groups

How to help people manage Anxiety and Mental Health in Groups

Building Community in Groups – Why it Matters More

Navigating Polarizing Conversations

Experiencing Spiritual Growth Campaign

How to Lead Through Change

Fundamentals of Group Leadership

The Purpose and Vision of Leaders Edge Podcast

Navigating Transition into Re-Gathering

The Role of a Life Group Leader


Northview’s 3 Core Values


Life Group Coaches


Engaging in the Growth Plan


Serving Together


Selecting Your Next Study


Life Group Seasons


Roles within your Life Group


Getting Others Involvement


Dealing with Difficult People


Life Group Ground Rules


Our Groups and Teams Playbook is a resource to Life Groups Leaders. Inside the Playbook you find Northview's Core Vales for Life Groups, solutions to frequently asked equation and many helpful hints for leaders.