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Good Neighbor

Good Neighbor

Our Good Neighbor Events throughout the year are a great way to try out serving. These events include a one time serving commitment at an organization in your community. From this page you can sign up to serve as a volunteer or register to be involved as a partner.  

Upcoming Good Neighbor Events

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Good Neighbor Weekend

During Good Neighbor Weekend, we cancel weekend services and go into the community to serve our neighbors. We work with a large variety of organizations. Projects range from painting and cleaning to cooking or yard work. Anyone of any age or ability can sign up to participate! 

Site Leaders

Site Leaders are needed to lead projects during Good Neighbor Weekend and Good Neighbor Saturdays. If you are interested in using your skills and leadership gifts to lead a project, this is the perfect position for you!

Sign up to be a site leader

Good Neighbor Grants

Do you know someone who is in need? Maybe a sick coworker could use a meal? Or maybe a single mom could use a sitter? Let us help you make a plan to help meet that need. If you could do more for this person through a Good Neighbor Grant, we'd love to help.

Giving is good, but establishing a relationship is better. Don't just meet a need, but do something to connect on a deeper level with the person who you saw had a need. You could babysit for the single mom you know, and then invite her and her kids over for dinner the next time.

Good Neighbor Grants are available to anyone who attends Northview to help you make a difference in your community and sphere of influence.

Apply for a grant

Partner Organizations

Are you part of a local non-profit, school or church organization? We would love to partner with you for a Good Neighbor Saturday or during Good Neighbor Weekend!

Partner Application


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