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We partner with Bright Hope in the districts of Jinja, Mukono and Luwero. The purpose of our partnership is to activate the most underutilized asset in the fight against extreme poverty: The local in-country church.   

Upcoming Trips 

Jan. 22 - Jan. 31, 2020 | Medical Team 

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Why Are We Going?

We go to feed the hungry and help those in trouble. 

“Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon.” –Isaiah 58:10 

We are passionate about partnering to see holistic transformation in communities, as we follow Bright Hope's strategy to offer Hope for Today, Hope for Tomorrow and Hope for Eternity. Bright Hope’s local church-centered community development model provides a roadmap to program sustainability within 10 years.

Who Do We Partner With?

We partner with Bright Hope, a mission-based organization bringing hope to those living on less than $1 a day.

What Work Will We Be Doing?

The main purpose of our visit will be to support the local church and community leaders in their efforts to use themselves as the catalyst to transform their communities and bring hope to the extreme poor. Hope for Today includes clean water, medical care, orphan and widow care that include feeding programs. Hope for Tomorrow includes anti-human trafficking, agricultural practices, education and job training. Hope for Eternity involves church leadership development and resourcing church ministries.


Entebbe, Uganda 

Total Cost
Between $3,000 - $3,800

How Do I Pay For This Trip?
Northview Outreach believes in growing our global community to serve not only as goers, but also as senders. We firmly believe it is in the best interest and health of the GO Team participant to ask others to be a part of their global community. Asking for support from family, friends, coworkers and neighbors allows for the impact of this GO Team trip to grow exponentially. As a department, we do not organize fundraisers or provide any financial assistance for applicants. Rest assured that we will coach you through and equip you with tools to help you be successful with your personal fundraising.

Are There Required Vaccinations?

Please contact your healthcare provider for more information and suggestions for necessary vaccinations no later than one month prior to leaving for Uganda. Entry into country requires proof of certification for Yellow Fever Vaccination. Additional recommended vaccinations or prescriptions include: Tetanus, Hepatitis A or A/B Combo, Anti- Malaria Rx and Anti-diarrhea Rx.

Who Can Go?

There will be intentionality in planning for and sending focus teams to Uganda. These teams will be designed to meet the specific educational, medical, business development and leadership needs of each community that we partner with through Bright Hope. Team participants must be 18+ years. The travel time is extensive.

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