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Family Framework

Family Framework

What is it all about?

At Northview, we find it easy to exemplify how quickly time flies by using jars of marbles. Each marble in the jar represents a week you will have with your child before they graduate from high school. When you see how much time you have left, you realize every week matters. That’s why we have developed a family plan to help you make the most of each moment.

  • 936 weeks

    • You have 936 weeks with your child from birth until graduation.
  • 468 weeks

    • By the time they reach third grade, you only have half that time.
  • 208 weeks

    • When your child reaches high school, you have roughly 208 weeks left until graduation.
  • 100 weeks

    • By the time they get their driver’s license, you’re down to just over 100 weeks.

The 9 steps of the family framework

Baby Dedications

(Ages 0-3) - Parents commit to raising their child in a God-honoring manner.

The Baby Dedication Parent Class is an important first step of the Northview Family Framework. All families who choose to participate in Baby Dedication must attend this class. We'll talk about the importance of dedicating our children to the Lord and the commitment we are making as parents to raise our kids to know the Lord. Baby Dedication is for children ages three and under.

The next Baby Dedication Service will be held the weekend of November 23, 24, and 25. Click on the below button to register for the Parent Class and Service at your campus.


Baby Dedication Online Class

The Parenting Gameplan

(Ages 0-18) – Parents develop a plan to biblically parent their child.

Parents, you matter! It seems that outside influences such as peers and media have your kids attention, however research shows, that you are the greatest spiritual influencer on your kids.

We want to help you make the most of your time with your kids. At Northview, we like to show you exactly how much time you have left before your kids leave your home and begin going off into the world on their own. We don’t do this to make you sad or nostalgic, but we believe when you see how much time you have left, you realize every week matters. For that reason, we have developed a family plan to help you make the most of each moment.

The next Parenting GamePlan class will be held Saturday, August 24 at 9 a.m. at the Fishers Campus. For more information or to register, click below.


Curriculum Videos

Faith Commitment & Baptism Parent Class

(pre-K-4th grade) – Prepares parents for both a salvation conversation and a baptism conversation with their child.

What does it mean to be saved? And why do I need to be saved? What is baptism? If your child is asking some of these questions, then this is the right time for YOU to watch this online class for parents.

This class is an important part of Northview's Family Framework and discusses our biblical understanding of salvation and baptism, and provides tools and resources to help you begin a great conversation with your child about these important topics.



Family Experience (FX)

(K–4th grade) – Family Experience (FX) is a high-energy worship and teaching service for the whole family! It's designed to help parents engage in what their child is learning in Northview Kids. The evening also includes skits, games and an optional pre-service dinner from Chick-fil-A.  


Register for Sept. 6 FX

Bible Presentation

(2nd grade) – The Bible Presentation Parent Class, a key part of the Northview Family Framework, is designed to provide tools parents need to teach the important spiritual discipline of reading and understanding God's Word to their kids. In this class, we will discuss how the Bible came to be, how it is laid out, and how you can best help your child read and understand the Bible.

This class is for parents of incoming 2nd graders and is required for families wishing to participate in our Bible Presentation Service during Weekend Services. While this class has already happened, you may click below to view the online class and have this experience at home. The next Bible Presentation Service will be held in August 2020.

Online Class


The Blessing

(5/6th grade) – Every child needs the blessing of their father or mother. We plan events designed to reach a meaningful milestone where the blessing is passed onto the child.

Fathers pass on a blessing to sons and mothers to daughters in special events that happen every other year. The ladies will have a special morning called Board & Brunch on March 16, 2019. The guys come together for the Father-Son Man Event again in March 2020.

More Info

Father-SoN Man Event


Pursuing Sexual Integrity

(7-12th grade) – Helping your student establish personal boundaries on their journey toward healthy relationships.

One event we have for girls in 7th-12th grade and their father/father-figure is the Father-Daughter Ball. Ladies will come early for an afternoon of pampering. They'll bring the dress and shoes, and we'll do the rest! Men should dress their best. This is going to be a great night of dinner, a message and a conversation about establishing personal boundaries on their journey toward healthy relationships. Even if you've attended before, come and continue to invest in your relationship.

More Info


Chicken Bowl (formerly the chili bowl)

Father-Daughter Ball

Parents in the Battle

Affirming Identity

(7-12th grade) – We plan events designed for parents and students to have spiritual conversations about their true identity as children of God. These events include the Mudder-Daughter Mud Run and the Mother-Son Adventure Race. 

The next Adventure Race will be July 27, 2019 and the next Mud Run will be in July 2020.

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Mud Run:


Adventure race:

Moving on to What’s Next

(12th grade) – “Moving on to What's Next” is a period of time that is one of the most influential times in a person’s life. The most change, outside of being born, happens to students during the last semester of high school and leading into post-graduation.

Our desire at Northview Church is to give you resources to help you with this "moving on to what's next" stage so that your relationship with your young adult will thrive.


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