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Summer internships at Northview Church offer a powerful, exciting experience for students willing to put in the work to help make a difference in the community and the world. Through the ministry, interns can see where they fit in God’s plan.

We are not here to raise a generation of coffee makers. Summer internships at Northview Church will give the experience and skills in an area specific to your interests, in ministries such as children’s ministry, student ministry, weekend services, communications, IT, HR, grounds, graphic design and multi-site campuses. As a future world-changer – a standout individual with a vision and a hope for the future – you need to have leadership skills and a clear mission to make a big difference.

We have high expectations of our interns. We want them to develop leadership skills and professionalism throughout this summer. The summer internship will consist of a paid 10-week experience starting on June 4, 2019, until Aug. 11, 2019. We will accept applications for the 2019 Summer Internship program from Dec. 15, 2018, through Feb. 28, 2019, and interviews will take place throughout the month of March. Whether it’s writing, worship, guiding kids or fixing computers, Northview will help you grow in what you’re interested in.

Northview is all about connecting people with people, and connecting people with God. There is no better way to do that than through a summer internship where you will gain an understanding of your mission field and interact with people who share the same passion as you in what they do.

Need more information? Check out these condensed job descriptions for our available internships.

Summer internship applications are currently closed. Check back next year for Northview's 2020 internships.

Questions? Contact the HR department at

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