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Why I Love My Church – Spiritual Growth


Why I Love My Church – Spiritual Growth


Why I Love My Church – Spiritual Growth


In conjunction with the “I Love My Church” sermon series, this Northview writer shares what he loves about his church. Enjoy!

For the “I Love My Church” series at Northview Church, I was asked to express my view in an article. When I started to mentally mesh ideas as to why I love my church, I knew that even a summary would be longer than anyone would want to read so I decided to graph it instead. If a graph is a picture and a picture is worth a thousand words, then five graphs could possibly express it. I rigorously scoured the depths of my brain and reached back to my elementary education to come up with several different types of graphs to express why I love my church. Enjoy!

I was a mess when I started attending Northview. I was focused on me, myself and I. What could this church do for me? I started coming because Northview would sing, preach and provide programming for me. I thought the building was cool; the coffee was free and tasted good. These things kept me coming back. A small part in the back of my brain liked the idea that Northview reached out to the community and abroad — following Jesus’s command to go and make disciples in Matthew 28 — but that was not a focal point of why I started attending.

As you can see, my walk with God has changed dramatically in just a year and a half. The main thing I love about Northview is what we do to reach those far from God. From prison ministries, to Good Neighbor Weekend, saving children from slavery, and so forth — I could continue almost endlessly — I cannot state enough how important it is to go into our community and the world in the name of Christ to make disciples. This is Northview’s greatest accomplishment and we are not done yet!

In my graph, I noted Romans 12:2 which speaks of renewing your mind. From the weekend messages to small groups, I love that at Northview I can gather with other Christians and be reminded what I believe and why. The continued renewing of our minds is important. We constantly swim against the current of culture; and if we forget and stop trying, we’ll be carried farther upstream than we ever thought we would go. Northview provides the framework. Even though I don’t have kids, I love that our children and student ministries are rock-solid. And of course, I still like the coffee.

My prayer life has increased dramatically since I started attending Northview. I went from talking to God in solely emergency bargaining situations to praying almost consistently throughout the day. You know the emergency bargaining situations, right? “Lord, please get me to work on time even though I’m running late and I’ll read the Bible double this week!” I’m glad to no longer do that. I love what my relationship with God has done for my relationships with others. It constantly helps me see the world from the correct perspective because when God is first I can realize the imperfections of the rest of life and not put too much weight on them for my fulfillment.

I read Jonah once in my teens. Jonah is the eleventh shortest book of the Bible. The eleventh smallest state by land area is South Carolina so I suppose you could say that Jonah is the South Carolina of Bible books. Not a momentous achievement by any means. I’ve now not only read, but also studied eight books of the Bible and want to study them all as soon as I can. A daily dive into God’s Word has altered my life as well.

This pictogram expresses the reasons that other people love my church as I do. Not to compete with other churches, but I have ridiculous confidence when I bring someone new that they will love it too. People I talk to love that we have multiple locations and it helps me invite people to church from different parts of the state. While everyone probably agrees that we love our pastor, I did want to make sure that I got him in his “double thumbs up” pose. This pose is reserved for the meat and potatoes of a message. He drives his point home with both fists shaking as he exclaims, “I’m just tellin’ you guys.”

This is why I love my church. Why do you?


This post is entirely the opinion of this week’s writer and does not necessarily reflect the view of Northview Church as a whole.

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