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Why I Love My Church – Finding My Destiny


Why I Love My Church – Finding My Destiny


Why I Love My Church – Finding My Destiny


In conjunction with the “I Love My Church” sermon series, this Northview writer shares what she loves about her church. Enjoy!

I love my church because God uses it as a tool to grow me into His destiny for me. When I was getting ready to move to Carmel from out of state in the summer of 2016, God told me to go to a church with the name “North” in the title. Driving around my apartment, I soon passed Northview Church, and I knew it was where God intended for me to be. I’ve been coming to Northview ever since, and I’ve fit right into the welcoming environment. This body of believers is strong in an area where I’ve previously been weak — relationships!

Throughout the past year at Northview, God has taught me so much. I went through a very rough patch in my personal life trying to find my intended career path. The sermons at Northview have always been spot-on for what I’ve been going through. Amid all the struggles, it really hit home for me that my destiny isn’t to fulfill myself like the world says — unless it’s for the glory of God.

My destiny is to serve my Creator and fulfill His plans for me!

Because Northview affirmed what God was already teaching me, my transition time from career A to career B was cut in half, and now I’m doing something I never thought I would do.

This past summer Steve Lancaster visited my Life Group to ask for help with the middle school large group on Friday nights. I was wary. All my life I’ve heard about how “awful middle school is” and how you “never want to work with middle schoolers.” But I’m a big believer in leaving no stone left unturned, so I went to check out Friday night large group.

As I walked across the bridge into North Beach, I felt God’s presence wrap warmly around me, and He said, “I want you here.”

Little did I know, less than a month later, He would open a door for me to start my new career at the middle school, building relationships with even more kids.

For the first time in my life, I feel like my work and my personal life are aligned. That’s been one of my biggest prayers this past year. Though God ultimately did all of the work, Northview Church was His accelerant. Lead Pastor Steve Poe (and Jesus) both emphasize serving others in order to find fulfillment in life and for me that has been true. Northview Church has been God’s partner in guiding me onto the path He intended for my life all along.


This post is entirely the opinion of this week’s writer and does not necessarily reflect the view of Northview Church as a whole.

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