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Northview Fishers Campus Launches Alpha


Northview Fishers Campus Launches Alpha


Northview Fishers Campus Launches Alpha


It is not necessarily what happens during Alpha that makes an impact; it is what happens when everyone goes home. In the days beyond Alpha, God is seen in a mighty way.

Alpha welcomes people at any stage of their walk with Christ, even if they are not walking with Him at all, to ask questions or just sit back and listen.

Fishers Campus Pastor John Smith explains that Alpha is an “environment of warm and friendly people where you can hear good teachings with opportunities to have conversations and build relationships.”

The Northview Fishers Campus launched Alpha in their building a few months ago and are in the midst of round number two right now. Smith reiterated what Northview Lead Pastor Steve Poe says regularly, “The church is the people, not the building.” But, it “is a great example how having a physical campus enables Fishers to host Alpha.”

The big picture idea of Alpha at the Fishers Campus is no different than at any other Northview campus; they meet together, watch a sermon each week on a variety of Christian topics and discuss it in a small group setting. Smith’s favorite part is that “genuine community is being created at Alpha.”

What happens after the Alpha experience varies by attendee. From reading the Bible more to volunteering at the next Alpha, joining a Bible study or a Life Group, everyone has a different reaction.

For Fishers attendee, Sher Dobie, her next step after Alpha was getting baptized. “I want to be baptized because I think it’s an outward expression of my love and commitment to my relationship with God,” Dobie says.

“I would definitely recommend Alpha to everyone no matter where they are in their journey. Learning and growing in my faith with others has helped me come out of my shell and gain a stronger relationship with God,” Fishers Campus attendee Heather Kennedy says.

Aside from the attendees, Smith enjoys watching “what happens for the team, how it pulls and draws them together through volunteering.” Anyone who has gone through the Alpha experience is welcome to help on the Alpha team for future sessions.

For more information about Fishers Alpha and how to get plugged into the next session at any Northview Campus, check out: Northview Calendar and type in keyword “Alpha” then select a campus.


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