At the Movies | Northview in Carmel, IN
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A church series that applies
big-screen lessons to real life

Weekends Feb. 16/17 through march 16/17

There’s so much to learn about God from the big screen. Come for fun, leave with lessons about God and life. 

Each weekend, we’ll focus on one feature film. You’ll experience clips with pastoral teaching woven throughout. Don’t forget your free popcorn on your way in to the theater-quality auditorium. In our safe and fun kids’ environment, your kids will experience their own age-appropriate At The Movies curriculum. If you like the movies, you’ll love this series. 

Due to copyright laws, these videos will not be streamed or shared online. Join us at one of our 11 locations to catch the big-screen lessons! We’ve added service times at some of our locations to handle what we anticipate to be above-average attendance. 

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