Growth Plan Home

The Growth Plan is a tool designed to help you hear how God is calling you to grow and then to guide you to develop an intentional plan for spiritual growth. The tool bar on the left will connect you with resources to help you form your Growth Plan.

The Discipleship Self-Assessment is a 60-question assessment that will help you see your discipleship strengths and potential growth areas.

The Get My Resources button will take you to a brief questionnaire and then direct you to recommendations for Lifestyle Changes and Learning Resources for your Growth Plan. Once you have submitted your responses to this questionnaire, an email will be sent to you with a direct link to your specific resource recommendations.

As you near the end of your Growth Plan, we hope that you will return to this page, click Share My Story and tell us about what God did in your life through your Growth Plan.

If you choose a video series to use as your Learning Resources, you can click the bar RightNow Media Sign Up to create a free account, giving you access to the video series of your choosing.

Run into a snag or have a question? Click Growth Plan Help and someone on the Northview staff will contact you to address your question.

We pray that you will trust God to guide you through the process of making your selections and empower you as you journey through your Growth Plan!